Welcome to The Budget Bride! 

Did you know the average Canadian wedding costs over $30,000? $30,000! That’s enough to buy a car or put a down payment on a house (well, maybe not in every city, sorry Vancouver).  Each year weddings are getting bigger and couples are finding themselves stretching too thin to accommodate the latest designer look, newest craze on Pinterest and an extra seat for that cousin they forgot they had.

There has to be a way to plan a beautiful wedding without going into debt or cashing in on an inheritance, right?

Enter: The Budget Bride

What is The Budget Bride? 

The Budget Bride is a resource for the modern Canadian bride who is planning a wedding but doesn’t want to open a new credit card or default on her mortgage just to walk down the aisle.  It’s genuine advice curated specifically for brides on a budget.

The Budget Bride is advice from real brides who have been there and saved on that.  Let these Bona Fide Budget Brides share their greatest money saving hacks as well as some of their worth-it splurges.  Heed their wisdom and learn from their mistakes.

The Budget Bride is behind the scenes intel from wedding industry insiders.  Interviews with vendors will reveal Tips & Tricks on how to save money on all of your wedding must-haves.

The Budget Bride is a handy tool of step by step instructions you can follow to save money. How To posts are here to virtually hold your hand through a budget busting DIY, frugal path to wedding success or new skill your wallet will love.


So, take a look around and get inspired to create your dream wedding…
on a budget that doesn’t break the bank! 



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