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Hello! My name is Riana and I am the creator and writer behind The Budget Bride.

Taking a wedding selfie to immortalize one of the few times I've been in full hair & makeup

Taking a wedding selfie to immortalize one of the few times I’ve been in full hair & makeup

My fascination with weddings probably started whatever year TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress began airing. But things really ramped up after I was asked to be in two weddings in the summer of 2016. I had been a flower girl, junior bridesmaid and pseudo-best man (I was 11 at my dad’s wedding) in weddings before but I had never been in a wedding as an adult.  So that summer was my first real experience with weddings where I took in every detail, understood what was going on and learned how much weddings can really cost.

As someone who isn’t wedding planning yet but will be one day, I can’t imagine spending all that money on a trip down the aisle.  I knew there had to be a better way. Enter: The Budget Bride.

When I’m not here, you might find me jetting off somewhere around the world (I have been to 30 countries so far with #31 coming in November), catching up on Australian reality TV (I am weirdly obsessed), or writing for my travel/lifestyle blog, A Teaspoon of Adventure.  Or I might be writing elsewhere on the web for my other freelance writing projects.

Taking a stroll by the water in Rome

Walking off all the delicious food I was eating in Rome, Italy 

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