Wedding Entertainment With Veriation Music

Who doesn’t want to plan a wedding that will go down in history as one of the most fun and memorable nights of your guests’ lives? Well at Veriation Music, memorable wedding entertainment is what they’re all about. Learn more from the team about how you can achieve the wedding party of your dreams with non-stop music and a whole lot of fun!


A bit of history:
Veriation Music is a full-scale entertainment and event management company. We provide our clients with professional DJ/MC Services, Live Entertainment, Audio/Visual Equipment, Event Planning, and so much more! We have been in business for 30+ years. We do whatever we can to provide our clients with the best event services that will make their event something to remember by all of their guests. 

We have been involved in weddings since our company was first established. We now currently do approximately 600 events a year, over 300 of those events are weddings.

what advice do you have for couples choosing a vendor?

Brides and grooms should definitely do their research by going out and meeting a few different vendors who do the same thing in person. Client/vendor connection and relationships are so important and we definitely encourage our clients to trust their gut. Sometimes going with the cheapest contract you were provided isn’t always the best idea because in our experience we believe that “you get what you pay for.”

what do you love most about working in the wedding industry?

The thing we love most about working in the wedding industry is being able to be a part of one of the most memorable days in a couple’s life. We love playing music that makes people dance, feel that energy and be able to enjoy such a special day together with their family and friends.

What are some great trends in wedding entertainment?

A great trend that Veriation Music loves and recommends is to have some sort of live entertainment or dancing in between meal courses. Having an instrumentalist or other forms of live performance are great. For the Budget Bride, having some light dancing in between courses (played by the DJ) is a great way to engage your guests without having to spend any extra money. Veriation Music is known for this and started this trend years ago. We are also feeling the trend of various types of lighting decor. This can do so much to either enhance or transform a venue to give the ultimate look that the bride is envisioning without having to piece together too many elements of decor pieces.



where can couples save money?

A great way to save money with vendors in the wedding industry is to attend local Bridal Show Exhibitions to explore the different vendors in the wedding industry in your area. Most vendor exhibitors have special Bridal Show promotions and discounts that can really help out potential clients still in the planning process.

Where should couples splurge?

The two most important things that guests remember about ANY event, not just weddings, is whether or not the food was good and whether or not they had fun. Brides and grooms should put a big chunk of their budget towards having great food and towards the evening’s entertainment as people will remember their experience more than little details like centrepieces, colour schemes, etc. 


What is the biggest mistake couples make when it comes to their wedding entertainment?

In our experience, some of the biggest mistakes that couples make are missing deadlines and not providing a clear direction. In order to provide 5 star quality service, there is protocol and procedure in place across the board and when deadlines such as submitting itinerary details, song requests and floor plans are not met, it backs up the entire system. This can translate to information not being able to get to the DJ in time. To further this, if the bride and groom are not on the same page as to how they want their services played out, it puts a strain on the vendor and leaves too much grey area on important decisions. We want to make both the couple happy but ultimately it’s up to them to see eye to eye and put us on the right path.  

What is your most memorable wedding story?

We have so many wonderful memories of all our clients! One that definitely pops out is a wedding where we started the dancing in between courses and just never returned to the sit down meal because everyone wanted to party! We opened the dance floor at 8:30pm, just after the 2nd course, and danced until 2:15am – no stoppage! The bride and groom cancelled their thank you speech and decided they just wanted to dance!

What is the process of working with Veriation Music?

Because we have such a large variety of services that we provide and offer to our clients, we strongly recommend for new clients to come in and meet with us. In this meeting, it is much easier for us to get to know them, get a better understanding of their vision for their event, show videos and photos of what we offer, and provide clients with our professional suggestions and recommendations to make their wedding the best it can be.  We then proceed to creating a custom package with exactly what the clients want as per our discussion in our meeting.


Do you have any final tips for Budget Brides?

Enjoy YOUR day! Brides and grooms spend so much time and energy planning this grand event only to get caught up in the silly little things and they forget to internalize this amazing day, all its special moments, and truly enjoy it before it’s over.

Thanks to Jessica Ricci and the team at Veriation Music for taking the time to share their story and wedding industry insight. For an example of their amazing work, check out Kim & Joe’s wedding right here on The Budget Bride.

If you’d like to learn more about Veriation Music or book their services for your big day, check out their website or visit them on Facebook.


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