Wedding Photography & Videography With BeanBot Productions

How do you select the right wedding photographer? Is it worth it to do an engagement shoot? Where should couples splurge on photography and where should they save? Let the experts at BeanBot Productions answer all of your wedding photography and videography questions.

eileen & Randy from BeanBot Productions

eileen & Randy from BeanBot Productions

A bit of history: BeanBot Productions is brought to life by wife and husband team eileen and Randy. eileen (who prefers her name spelled with a lowercase “e”) has been working behind the lens for over 20 years while Randy, who actually has his Masters in Math, found his way into creative work through travelling and working with eileen . The two met in Malaysia where they lived for four years, and had their adorable daughter, before returning to Canada and starting BeanBot Productions in London, Ontario. The couple loves being involved in big productions and investing in an event that is all about love. While wedding photography can be intense, eileen and Randy thrive in that pressure and love being able to capture those special moments for their couples. At the end of the day, they’re never going to complain about spending a day watching friends and family celebrate and love on one another.

How do we choose the right wedding photographer/videographer?

“It’s important to take the time to look through a photographer’s work and make sure you like their style. You can ask for specific shots but you may not be able to change their style,” eileen explains. Once you have a few photographers in mind whose work and style you like, you’ll want to bring your budget into consideration. You may need to eliminate some options based purely on affordability. But eileen cautions, “You should still check out a photographer who might be a bit outside of your budget. At the end of the day, photography and videography are the only things that live on after the wedding day. They hold your memories for you. So don’t rule someone out based solely on budget.”

Next, eileen advises trying to meet your photographer in person. You’re going to be spending an entire day with this person and you may spend more time with them than you will with your family, friends or even your new spouse! eileen says you should ask yourself, “Can I spend an intense day with this person as my guide? Ask your prospective photographer questions, but don’t just follow a script of questions you find online. Follow your gut; if you click with someone, that’s your photographer.”

Photography and videography together in one?

BeanBot Productions uniquely offers both wedding photography and videography services. eileen notes that this is especially helpful to couples so they don’t have to have the same conversations with two different vendors about the same thing, saving themselves time and energy. And with wife and husband  team eileen and Randy, you know your photographer and videographer are well experienced working with one another.

What are the current trends in wedding photography & videography?

eileen is quick to spill. “In videography, drones are pretty big right now. We really want to get one!” With ever-advancing technology, there are always new toys for photographers and videographers to play with.

In terms of photography, eileen cautions against overly trendy approaches.. “We prefer to create timeless photographs that won’t look outdated years later. We like to produce a clean, classic and crisp look so you’ll have beautiful photos forever.”

Do we need to do an engagement photo shoot?

The common advice for couples is to save money and skip the engagement shoot, but eileen advises  against this. She explains, “The engagement session is a trial run for your wedding day. Most people have never had a photographer follow them around for a full day. So the engagement shoot is a great way to get over any camera-shy awkwardness and build a relationship with your photographer.” eileen also offers some tips on posing and interaction to make sure the couple is looking picture perfect.

What is the biggest budget mistake couples make with photography?

Honestly, spending too little. Many couples wish they had spent more after the fact. eileen explains, “Couples spend a year or so planning their wedding and then it’s all over. Photos and videos are the only part that carries on. You don’t necessarily have to increase your overall budget but you can consider allocating more to photography/videography.”

Where can couples save money on wedding photography/videography?

Some vendors will offer seasonal discounts, if you’re planning your wedding for the winter or on a weekday. Another great way to save money is to plan and book ahead. If you’re able to book your photographer 12-18 months before your wedding, you may be able to secure current pricing.

Where should couples splurge on wedding photography/videography?

While eileen already explained the value of doing an engagement session and allocating more of the budget to photography, another area she thinks is worth the splurge is physical prints. “You’ll get hundreds of photos delivered to you digitally that you’ll have forever. But when they’re on a computer, you just won’t look at them that often. It’s nice to actually see the art that you paid for up on your wall, in an album, on the coffee table, etc. Framed prints also make really great gifts for parents.” BeanBot Productions offer a custom wedding album with many of their packages.

Why they do what they do: A memorable wedding story

eileen shares that she loved shooting Andrea and Nader’s wedding because it was beautiful, well organized and hosted at a great venue. More than that, eileen explains, “Couples like Andrea and Nader are the reason we do this; they’re the dream clients. Of course we love photography and art, but we really love the people and getting to know a couple. Getting to witness their marriage and ceremony was so special to us.”

We’re IN! How can we work with BeanBot Productions?

To get in touch, you can contact BeanBot through email or on their website with the details of your big day. After that, eileen and Randy like to meet their couples for coffee or chat over the phone  to show them their work and talk about the wedding. eileen remarks, “We’re usually meeting with couples a year or more before their wedding so they might not know exactly what the day is going to like like. We’re happy to ask the questions and offer some tips. Couples find that really helpful.”

If everyone is happy, you would then make your booking. Between the time of booking and date of the wedding, BeanBot likes to be in touch and accessible to their couples. eileen and Randy strongly believe in coming from a place of generosity, which explains why they often gift their clients with date nights out. These little gestures help to build a strong relationship so the couple is comfortable with the people they will end up spending most of their wedding day with.

Do you have any final tips for Budget Brides on wedding planning in general?

Follow eileen’s advice, “Don’t try to do too much! It’s easy to get caught up in what a wedding “should” look like but you need to decide what you really want. What is going to add value to your day and to your experience? Start there and try to keep your needs and wants as top priorities.”

Thank you to eileen from BeanBot Productions for taking the time to share her wedding wisdom with the Budget Bride community! Want to see a BeanBot wedding here on The Budget Bride?
Check out Andrea and Nader’s big day.

If you’d like to learn more about BeanBot Productions to book them for your big day,  or just to scroll through some beautiful photos, make sure to check out their website ( and visit them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest.


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